Felix Gonzalez-Torres, “Untitled” (Perfect Lovers), 1991

20.11Started hosting Cloudtube. Note that vidoes are not proxied.
20.11Started mirroring Gitea repos to Tebibyte Media. Big thanks to Emma Tebibyte!
15.11Stopped hosting 4get due to an unresolved issue.
05.11We have uploaded our source code to Gitea for transparency.
14.10Updated SearXNG's settings. Use the Files tab to search for books!
02.10Nitter is back! Big thanks to @zedeus and other devs.
28.09Started hosting metasearch engine 4get. May be unstable.
26.09Quit Reddit! We still host Teddit and Libreddit, but they're removed from our homepage.
01.01Our site pairs the initals from EB Garamond, a FOSS typeface, with Heldane, another Garalde.
01.01Please consider donating to us or to the developers.